The Lady25

It’s 8 in the morning. She got up, noticed the numb fingers and toes. Time to dip in the tub. While she was soaking the hot water, memories rewind, ‘Last night was difficult’. Anyhow, she helped herself to jump out and move towards the kitchen. Offering herself a cup of coffee, she went to check the flowers.

Habitually, she checked her cell phone(three text messages and two missed calls). She managed to put a black piece of clothing on her body. ‘Shall I put something on my face?’, she looked in the mirror, ‘Maybe some other day’, she said tieing a bun. Putting clean shoes and grabbing a handful of chocolates she moved towards the door with her hood on and hanging a white bag on her back.

Doing some acrobats she reached the bus station. A blurred figure emerged, wrapped in shabby clothes. As the distance decreased view became clear. The person gave her a key which she held in her hand tightly and the key ring kept hanging. She turned her eyes around and no human figure was visible but the white mist. The mist was reflecting the light when she heard the horn.

She got off the bus at the next stop and walk towards the lab. She wore her ID card,’Lady25′ and unlock the door. Placed two chairs and waited.
The man came in and the discussion began.

Mr. 6569: “Before I sign, I need to know more.”
Lady25: “But you have agreed to this already…”
Mr. 6569: “and I’m not denying. I’ve some questions left.
like you said before, that the set is all ready and shooting me there would set
everything perfectly. And you know I don’t give a shit about risks but that doesn’t stop me from being curious about that place. I want to know where am I actually going.”
Lady25: “You are going to the Star. That’s all.”(rolling her eyes)
Mr. 6569: “Oh really, I didn’t know that! so where in the star?”
Lady25: “That you will know after reaching there. Rules don’t allow me to tell you everything beforehand. You can go through the protocols and once you sign I’ll tell you everything. That was the deal if you remember.”
Mr. 6569: “Alright, I’ll give it a shot.”
Lady25: “Here are the papers.”

After signing, they both move towards the large screen in the darkroom, displaying a large machine.

Lady25: “This is what we have been developing.”
Mr. 6569: “This is the large computer…”
Lady25: “about a size of a city block on this cold planet.
Your work is, you are going to operate this computer send us information about your surrounding, the land and come back.”
Mr. 6569: “So, this a test drive and you are testing a human.”
Lady25: “Now, we can’t actually rely on a mouse for this.”
Mr. 6569: “Alright, how sure are you about this?”
Lady25: “We have developed it over five years. This is the outcome of 33 expert minds and thousands of participants. We now have a very clear picture of every neural connection in the human brain.”
Mr 6569: “So here every neural connection is replaced by a transistor.”
Lady25: “Up to some level, Yes! We have virtually tested it many times with the same power on which a brain operates. No need to worry, you will no longer be an emotional being there so, power variation won’t be a problem.
We have chosen a favourable planet. If this gives us the success we can go really far.”(shining eyes)

Both of them turned hearing the footsteps.

So is he ready? the man entering the lab with questioning eyebrows.
Lady25: Yes, he has signed.
Man: Just tell him the procedure.
Lady25: Yes, sir.
Mr 6569: So when do we get started?
Man: Once you get all things right…
Lady25: Yes, if you have got enough nerve!
Man: I don’t like being interrupted, young lady.
Lady25: sorry sir.

They shook hands and the man left the lab, got in his car. He reached his apartment, sat comfortably on his couch took out his cell phone and called Stapsa(leading member of free society).
He took a deep breath lifted his chest.
Man: You still have a golden chance, work with us. We are going to transform the world and then no one will be interested in your stupid program.
Stapsa: Mr.Jona, I’m doing what is important and necessary. ‘Free society’ will not let people like you track us (in a bold voice).
Mr Jona: Excuse me please, what do you want to say, I’m tracking people? (rudely). I’m not interested in capturing stupid moments around the globe. I don’t even need to track anyone I’ve all the bright minds on my board and you lonely people are sticking to this boring issue. Neither letting the government nor the people breathe peacefully.
Stapsa: Oh! so why am I being followed by your people? It seems like you don’t have all the bright minds on your board. I’m doing my thing and better you stay out of my way.
Mr Jona: I’ll make sure you lose. Sooner you will realise what an opportunity you missed. You will come to me pleading after being completely screwed. Cops and government everyone will be after you. You will be left with no choice than to run away.
Stapsa: Good luck, Mr Jona.


After putting down his cell phone Mr Jona stood up restless while his secretary came in. His secretary told that Tavreo has come to meet him. Mr Jona asked him to tell Tavreo that he couldn’t meet him. While his secretary turned to leave the room Tavreo burst in.
Tavreo: Calling my girlfriend and then avoiding me. You cannot push her in this. I’m working for you willingly and don’t you dare to drag her in this matter. If because of your mistake she came to know that I’m working for you, you alone will be responsible for the damage. (thumped the desk with his hand)
Mr Jona: No need to blackmail me. I just humbly request her to join us in this intelligent project but your girlfriend is too proud. If Stapsa will agree, you no longer have to hide that you are working for us. What could be more fantastic then both of you working for the same vision?
Tavreo: Alright, I’ll insist her but you are never going to call her regarding this issue that’s final. (cool now)
And I handed over the key to Caima(Lady25) today at the bus stop.
Mr Jona: Did she recognise you?
Tavreo: She didn’t hopefully.
Mr Jona: Yes, she didn’t else she would have asked me.
We have found the person, he has signed we are very close to our dream now.
Tavreo: I’ll wait for the payment.
Tavreo left the room.

Lady25 and Mr 6569 are in the lab discussing the project further.

Lady25: I’m going to explain you all the functions of this chair (pointing to a chair like device). You are going to sit on this chair. We will pin these wires with transistors to the two sides of your forehead. These wires are connected to this device here which is at low potential (pointing to an electric box). This is how your conscious brain will be transmitted.
Mr 6569: All my brain will be transmitted then what will happen to my body?
Lady25: Not all your brain, only the conscious part or only the consciousness. You will not be brain dead. The unconscious part of your brain will work. Your heart will pump, you will breathe slowly, all activities will slow down but you will not die.
Mr 6569: And what are these needles? (Pointing to the needles attached with large bottles)
Lady25: This is how we will feed your body.
Mr 6569: Which one will be me, the transmitted one or the unconscious one? (Taking deep breathe)
Lady25: Now this is a tough question. But since we have experimented it on someone before you so I can say that none will be you. Your body will sit here unresponsive while your consciousness will be operating the large computer on that planet, that part will be intelligence.
Mr 6569: Wait, you mean before me someone has been the lab rat for this project?
Lady25: Yes Henova, there on the list Mr 8805. He agreed to this project before you. (Pointing at the list on the whiteboard)
Mr 6569: So, what happened to him? Where is he?
Lady25: Tragically he passed. We transmitted his consciousness but he couldn’t operate the whole computer because of less power supply. When his consciousness was travelling back some circuits broke and he was declared brain dead then.
Mr 6569: Circuits broke?
Lady25: We have analyzed what went wrong and now our system is quite perfect.
Mr 6569: How am I going to operate the computer? (Pondering)

They moved towards the projector. Lady25 picking up the pointer stick and pointing at the projection of receiver antenna.
Lady25: Here the electromagnetic waves carrying your consciousness will be received which will further be converted into electric current.
Mr 6569: But wait how am I going to communicate, through machine language?
Lady25: Yes! We will send you the command you need to operate the machine part according to the command. Then you will send us the result of the test performed by the machine. We will check whether the result you send us match to the actual outcome or not.
Mr 6569: Alright! Things are clearer to me now.
Lady25: Excuse me, please.

Lady25’s phone rang and she dug into her white bag. Finally grabbing her phone she walked out of the lab answering it.
Lady25: Cazzive, I’m so sorry I couldn’t answer your call last night.
Cazzive: Caima, I called you two times even I texted, asking you to call me back. Can I ask you what is it that is consuming all of your time?
Caima: Actually love, I’m in the lab right now. You remember I told you about the project I’m working on. I couldn’t find any time since morning. I’m in a meeting now with a very important person.
Cazzive: Are you too stupid to balance your life?
Caima: I don’t do this always. And why were you even expecting me to answer your call? You are the one who pushed me away last night.
Cazzive: Alright! Don’t call me then. Go and deal your important person.

Cazzive threw his cell phone on his couch and moved out of his apartment. Stapsa was waiting for him outside. They both get into the car.

Stapsa: That intense look, I like it. (smirk)
Cazzive: Nothing funny!
Stapsa: Take it easy. She is working for the future and we are fixing the present. Both are important.
Cazzive: And both can’t fit in the same bottle.

Lady25 entered the lab again, a drop stung her left eye and she wiped her brow with her sleeve. Taking the documents in her hand she began.
Lady25: the tough part is not to operate that large computer but to transmit.
Let’s scratch the surface a bit more. This a three-step process, from your brain to this device, then to the receiver antenna and finally operating the computer.
Mr 6569: What are these wires that you are going to poke in my head?
Lady25: These wires are pseudo-neuron that will trick your brain and will receive the brain waves to carry it same as impulses through neurons.
Mr 6569: What is this device actually doing?
Lady25: simply, it is a speed regulator and converts these impulses into electromagnetic waves. Read this manual(handing over a white cover, medium size book), get yourself comfortable and feel free to contact.
Mr 6569: What is it about?
Lady25: It will answer most of the questions running through your head.
Mr 6569 was about to leave the lab that her voice interrupted, “be ready for the medical checkup tomorrow.”

Stapsa gets in the office and took a glass full of water in the cold day ’cause she was in an intense conversation with Cazzive, the outspoken guy.
Stapsa: Okay, let us now focus on our next article. Have you thought about what are we going to publish on ICommunity wall?
Cazzive: We have not received any other classified document after that incident. We failed to provide Paddy strong legal security.
Stapsa: How was this information disclosed we did not make any mistake. Our database is all secure.
Cazzive: This just blows my mind. We need to consider this matter seriously.
Stapsa: Break into his emails and call logs, shall we?
Cazzive: It is the only way.

 To Be Continued... 

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