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Tuesday, May 29, 2018

I’m back with three incidents that you need to know.
The construction site, labourers working under the Sun. What is new in this but there was one thing that caught my attention. While I was travelling and looking out of the window I saw a child hardly 7 or 8 years old, he was carrying four bricks at a time on his head. His body posture reveals that he is perfect in lifting bricks because of his daily practice.
Just look at your 7-year-old self or look at your 7-year-old brother and picture him doing this task.
Realise the intensity of child labour you need to pay attention to this. When you are sitting under the fan and drinking cold water think about those children working in the fields regardless it is 40’celsius or above.  If each one of us takes the responsibility of one child who is poor, who is an orphan, trust me we are going to outnumber them.

There I was standing at the railway platform. I noticed a poor woman was carrying her baby and they both were crying. Then after some time, her husband appeared offering the baby some water. I tried to look away because it is was none of my business to watch them but the woman’s odd behaviour kept my eyes on her. I noticed her pushing her husband’s hand away while he was offering water. Like you, I thought it is their family matter. After a couple of minutes, she drew my attention again. She started walking towards the edge of the railway platform with her baby. Then she moved down the platform and sat in the middle of the railway lines. She picked up a stone, circled the baby’s face and then threw the stone. She picked another stone and started repeating this process with a new stone every time and we all were hearing the announcement of train arriving. People were watching her but nobody was paying any attention. I got so restless that I asked my father to do something. He then went to his husband and asked if he knows what is she doing. Her husband replied that this is an act to keep the baby away from demons. My father rudely asked him if he has some brain left and told him that the train is going to arrive. Then after my father’s act, his husband called him.
Just because I was paying attention we were able to prevent this accident.

There was an old woman sitting next to me. I was bored and yawning so I thought of listening some music while I could put my earphones this old woman played a video. She was listening to this video very attentively. When I took a look at the video I was able to identify that this video is playing with historical facts to provoke a community against another. When I asked the old woman where she got this video she told, someone over WhatsApp send her.
You see how faithfully people listen to these videos and believe them without enquiring the facts. This whole project of fake news that our government bodies are supporting is to divide us, provoke us against the other communities and people believe them blindly. Most of these blind believers are proud of themselves because they think believing without questioning is an act of respecting others.

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Tuesday, May 22, 2018
Stop if you are just going to forward the message you receive over WhatsApp that asks you to forward it.

Stop if you are just going to share the facebook news asking you to spread knowledge about it.
Just stop right there! and read this
We all live in two worlds one that is physical, that is materialistic and the other is created by your brain which is an illusion. Your brain cannot differentiate real from imaginary that’s why we love dreaming about things we want. You dream of doing your favourite thing and you get happy because your brain produces the same chemistry as it would produce when you will actually do your favourite thing.
Now you know how powerful is the world created by your brain. It is so powerful that it influences your doings in the physical world.
Just like you feed your body with nutritious food it is more important to feed your brain with good information. The information you feed, the books you read, the music you listen, the program you watch decide who you are going to be.
You live in a world of your beliefs. You put your faith in anything it seems to be real to you. That’s why it is so necessary that you put your faith in facts and not in something baseless. You need to make sure that the building block is not blindly set up.
Now go through the message again before you forward. Most of these messages contain some religious content. You don’t even know if the content is authentic or not but you forward it in order to seek blessings from your God. Believe me, your God is never going to curse you for not forwarding the message your God is smart enough to judge you for your actions.
If the message is not about your religion then it will contain the drawbacks of other religion or about some community.
Else the message will contain some incident about Love Jihad(particularly in India), gender discrimination, racism and so on.
You share fake news and videos on Facebook knowingly or unknowingly. Facebook pages of your political parties create these fake news to divert you from the real issues. That is why until now politics revolve around religion, racism, caste system and all such stupid issues.
Break yourself from that chain of forwarding fake news. These fake news create a psychological impact on your brain that’s why you judge as you look the other person, that’s why you categorise the other person on the basis of above-mentioned categories.
This hatred among different communities and nationalities in the physical world is the result of your imaginary world. Otherwise we all are humans.
So next time you share any such message or news just know the impact you will create.

Monday, May 14, 2018
Hello beautiful people, I’m here to tell you a bizarre incident. When I was way back home after an exhausting yet enjoyable day with my friends I saw a group of people passing through. They were dancing, music was loud and throwing colours at each other. What picture formed in your mind reading the above lines. Maybe you pictured them celebrating some festival or you pictured a religious rally but you might not have pictured what I’m going to tell you. As they were passing through our taxi one of my friends noticed they were carrying a dead body.
Like you, I was, “Hell What?”. I looked back many times just to confirm that they are carrying a dead body. Yes, it was a dead body and yes they were dancing and flying colours in the sky.
Then our driver told that they are carrying a dead body of some very old person so they are celebrating it this way. Of course, I used the word ‘celebrating’ because I think that was what they were doing.
I don’t know how to conclude this incident but I think people need to reconsider these peculiar cultural traditions.

Friday, May 4, 2018
Alright, so today throwing light on the freedom of the press. Role of media is more than to just keep us informed what is going around the globe. Media has the power to unveil what the government is doing underneath the hood. Media has the power to shape the image of a politician or a celebrity in our mind. Media has the power to bring to light the issues, their positive and negative impacts.
But there is a dark side of journalism, journalists who are committed to their work do not die their natural death most of the times. So, I’m here with the story of two journalists.

Daphne Caruana Galizia was a Maltese journalist who died in a car bomb attack last year(16 October 2017). She was reporting about the corruption in Malta and tirelessly investigating the links between Malta’s online gambling industry and organised crimes. She was the unstoppable and fearless journalist. She used to receive death threats on daily basis. She was being arrested by the police on two occasions. She said, why many don’t want to do what I’m doing is because they don’t want to go through all these sufferings.
Daphne was questioning the government and when the government couldn’t stop her by any means they killed her. Who killed Daphne is not the big question but who ordered the assassination.

Mikhail Beketov was a Russian journalist who was covering environmental issues. He wrote articles about the government’s plans to destroy Khimki forest by constructing a highway. His situation might nervous you because he has been through a lot before he died from cardiac arrest.
His dog was beaten to death at his doorsteps, his car was set on fire but he continued to report about the issue. When he wasn’t silenced by this incident they attacked him again as result he lost his ability to speak.
He was beaten using iron bars by two men outside his house. He was so brutally beaten that he remained the next five years of his life confined to a wheelchair and unable to speak. He had a severe brain injury and then he died from a cardiac arrest on 8 April 2013.

You see how it goes? You report a bug in the system and you demand fixation, the government makes your life hell on earth so that you either kill yourself or run away from the country. Else they will kill you. If by chance the assassin is recognised he will go through a number of trails before he is declared guilty and in the meantime possibility is the assailant will die his natural death and if not then he will serve life imprisonment but the one who ordered the assassination will breathe free. If we pressurise the government to reveal who ordered it soon, you will see a new issue will pop up and media will lose its interest and everyone will now be focussing on the latest. This is how deaths become mysteries and are never solved.
We can change this if we unite. But can we unite?

Tuesday, May 1, 2018
Here I’m with three stories that might not satisfy you.
You all might have seen children working in restaurants or at tea stalls. How many of us did pay attention to it and if you have paid attention then did you dare to ask the untold story of the child? What forced him to work at such a young age in the restaurant? No, you didn’t because someone was minding his own business.
When I asked the child why is he working here and not studying he gave me a very unsatisfying answer. Of course, I was ready to hear that he is poor and he needs to earn in order to feed himself but I wasn’t ready for the answer he gave me.
The child told me that he ran away because his master/teacher use to beat him and that the pain lasts for several days. So he ran away and now he works at restaurants.
Do I need to ask if we want to end child labour then what are we offering them? The child preferred to work at the restaurant than to study because our education system needs fixation. The teachers hold more grudges than the knowledge that’s why there is a big question on our education system.

Now the next story is going to ask you why people prefer green notes over human life. This incident took place in a rural area. An old woman went missing for 10 – 12 days. Family members filed an FIR. When she came back home after days she told what happened to her in those days. Someone kidnapped her and kept her in a room. He wants her to starve to death because the man was bribed to kill the old woman. Why did someone want to kill the old lady? The answer to this question might be quite shocking. A life insurance policy is in her name so someone bribed the man to kill the old lady in order to get the money.
How did the old woman return back home? In the house of the man where the old woman was held captive lived the man’s wife and she forced her husband to leave the old woman. But the family is quite scared to file another FIR.
Now let us not focus on who would have bribed the man. Let us focus on how rapidly the human element is depriving.

The last story is to inform you that you reach a certain position in your life because someone did help you. Every single person that has touched your life has contributed to your success and that you should take care of others.
A widow lives with her three children in a joint family. She cooks food and washes dishes in people’s house whereas his brother in law and his wife live in the same house and live a rich life.
They buy one-litre milk for their pet cats but are too poor to feed widow’s children. Humans do forget that someone did take care of them and now they need to take care of others. You might have seen pet dogs wearing gold chains around their necks but their master is too poor to feed the poor people in his locality. Why would he? there is no such rule that if you have money you need to take care of poor people. Yes, there is no such rule but it is criteria to qualify you as a human with humanity. Humans are designed to work in collaboration. We are born with these values but money, ego, hatred has blinded us. People spend all their lives seeking pleasures they can receive from the world. Do you give a shit about what you can give to the world?

Sunday, April 29, 2018
Kate Jessica Raphel writes on Medium and as I was reading  ‘Why do so many activists commit suicide?’ someone anonymously commented on her story. So this post of mine revolves around that anonymous comment.
He wrote,
I just read my life, my feelings, my very low downs, and few ups by reading you. I am shaken. I’ve been contemplating suicide on a regular basis for last year. Losing my mother did not help. 

He wrote about his loneliness and isolation and how broken he is. He has been trying hard to change the world and despite his tireless efforts, the world is not changing. He thought that if he commits suicide and leaves a political note behind it would bring some change.

In this ongoing life cycle, some people are dying for the sake to save the world while some who try to change the world are in prison and the ones who pollute the system are breathing free, the ones who dissolve hate in the society are enjoying the pleasures of the world. There is something wrong with our system. People are not working on the real issues. They notice a bug and they overlook. They didn’t realise that bug could be fixed if someone there would pay attention. All they notice was the complexity.

A very intense line he wrote,
I admire those who never deeply interact, because they know if they slip a toe in this muddy water, they are going to drawn.

The outcome of deep conversations is depressing. The issues, inequality, cries of the voiceless surrounds you and you cannot take off your eyes. You feel bad and you think about it and you feel worse you are slowly drawing and you know, no matter how hard you shout they are not going to pay any attention, you are no celebrity. You see the world going in the wrong direction and you try to explain it, nobody’s listening. You wonder if the world has always been this way and you think about how to rebuild it from scratch. The spark of inspiration is put off by the fear that you are going to be among the few lonely people or probably alone in this fight. But you cannot take off your eyes and you just want to solve the matrix. You walk over that path and you isolate yourself from people who really don’t understand or who don’t value the real issues, the real world problem that’s when you realise you are fighting alone, soon you find yourself in a dark room where only your footsteps can be heard.

He tells that he has been taking sleeping pills to ease his pain.
He further wrote,
My birthday is coming, as winter is coming, but nowhere a better life nor future is showing.
He wrote,
I often wonder if I’m going to reach the next year, going to reach the next month. I am going to get my 30bday? The only person I don’t want to leave behind is E. my lovely cat. And even him cannot convince me that it’s enough to stay alive.
I already organised everything for the “time after” me, so he is not alone, and well taken care of.
how easy to confess these things on the internet, to strangers.
How deep I hide this every day, behind a smile, or behind a dull face.
At least as deep as grave. 

He wrote this on Sep 5, 2016. I hope wherever he is, he is happy and content and that he finds that the world needs him. I hope he finds someone to whom he is really important and that someone cherishes him each day.
I hope he and people like him who are trying really hard to fix the issues find happiness in their lives and someone to love them.
And I hope people like me and you take up the real issues.

I also write the beautiful poems , so see you at my home page 🙂

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