Jenny’s Confession 02

It was an ordinary summer day at school. I was in a neat white shirt and blue skirt that was covering my extra-large thighs and I was wearing a pair of loosely fitted white socks, to avoid squeezing my legs.
The history lecture just got over so to freshen up my mind I went to the girls’ washroom, pulled a cigarette from my sock, lighted it and puffed on the smoke. This is always the best time at school when I sit calmly, alone for a while with absolutely no worries in this stupid head of mine and picture the world.
I was lost in my fantasy land when Maya entered. Maya, the little sidekick of Priya, looked at me with her Chinese eyes. Unwillingly I had to share my cigarette with her.

She said, “how’s your inseparable friend Zack?” 

I knew where she was going with this, “He is good” I replied taking no interest in the conversation.

“You know, you got no luck with that little Dan”

“We’re just friends Maya”, I got up to leave the place but she grabbed my hand and grinned at me.

“I got a friend who is pretty interested in you, wanna meet?”
I was a bit surprised after what I heard, “what friend?” I said.

“Are you interested in men?”

“Yes,” I nodded.

“I’ll fix it up for you”

She flushed the remaining cigarette down the toilet and left. Whereas I kept standing there blankly

The school got over. I packed my bag and walked out of the class with Zack. We picked up the last packet of Cheetos and made our way through the hustle and bustle.

“Aren’t you goin’ to tell me what happened?” said Zack with a stuffed mouth.

“Nothing happened,” I said recalling the moment.

“Then why are you so quiet today?”

“‘M not quiet, I’m all okay” frustrated, I replied.

He took a closer look at me and then rolled his eyes, “whatever”

I did not want to tell him, I wasn’t sure if Maya is really going to fix me up with someone or she was only bluffing. Regardless of that Zack will always advise me to not be friends with Priya and company but I just don’t want to blow my chance of meeting an actual guy. 

“Jenny” someone called my name, I looked around it was Maya with her girl gang.

She threw her arm in the air and announced “come here I got someone you might want to meet”

I looked at her and then I looked at Zack “I’ll be back” I said to him.

He simply nodded. This wasn’t the time to clarify so I moved towards the girls. What I saw with my naked eyes was unbelievable, a tall, handsome guy, fair skin with no sunburns and sparkling blue eyes caught me there in the moment. As I walked towards him thoughts flooded the back of my mind, is this the guy? this could be a prank, what am I gonna tell Zack, is this really happening. 

“Jenny, this is Ron”, said Maya smiling at me “Ron this is our boom-boom girl”

“Hi, Jenny,”  said Ron putting his hand forward.

I wiped my Cheetos fingers with my skirt and shook his hand “Ron”

“I’m hosting a party at my apartment, do you wish to join us?”

“‘Course,” I said nodding nervously.

“tomorrow at 6 pm”

“Works for me”


“Isn’t this great? ‘Ron and Jan’”, said Maya and everyone chuckled. 

“Will see you at the party,” said Priya “just don’t bring your gay friend there”

“Sure” I swallowed down my saliva.

“See you,” said Ron and then left.

I turned around thinking what explanation I might give to Zack now but he wasn’t there. I looked around but he was nowhere to be found. He might have left. My mind was completely blocked due to the large number of thoughts flowing in my head. I immediately rolled another cigarette and smoked my way home.

. . .

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