Jenny’s Confession 01

Hi, you can call me Jenny. I’m a class 8 student and this is my confession diary.
There are a handful of girls in my class but I am always separated from the crowd, maybe, ‘cause of my “big size”. My dream is to be the most beautiful, hot and demanding girl in the school. I definitely want to knock down some skinny bitches who always gossip about my butt size. Talkin’ about bitches, how can I forget Priya, she is a 10th-grade student, long-legged, brown skin, and wears too much makeup. Though I hate her, deep down I want to be her, ‘course without giving up my eating habits. Every boy in the school wants his name to be tagged with her. She’s intelligent and easily found in teachers’ good book. Now you might understand why I hate her.
In my defence of being so fatty, I want you to know that food is the only thing that cheers me up on a blue day. Yes, every second day is a blue day for me. It is not my fault that my mum raised me soft, neither is it her fault, she loves me, she always makes my favourites when I feel low. My mommy is the best company I can have. But dad is an overly strict man. I just can’t get along with him, he always praises my elder brother for being so good at sports and asks me to learn something good from him. 

I reveal my innermost feelings to my best friend Zack. We two have so many things in common which help us understand each other. Unsurprisingly everyone at school makes fun of him as well, firstly ‘cause he spends time with me and secondly, he is gay.

When I first met Zack, it was my bday. I was wearing a fairy dress and tiara. Nobody wanted me to sit with them, then Zack who was sitting alone at the last bench passed me a loving smile. Passing through all the giggles and commenting I reached to the last bench and sat with him. We talked all day and laughed and shared memories. It was my best bday ever. Then in the evening, he knocked at my door and left a beautifully wrapped present at my doorstep. My eyes lightened up as I unpacked it, it was every girls’ favourite perfume, Ariana Grande Sweet like Candy. I will not say that Zack always been truthful to me. There were times when he betrayed me for his benefit and I did something similar to him as well. Despite all that we both still care for each other.

My struggle is the same as of every other girl who has been bullied, played or betrayed by her friends or loved ones. 

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