Once Again Democracy…

Do you see me?

I have taken off my blindfold.

Do you not recognise me?

Oh, how would you?

You painted us all with the same colour.

Do you still want to scare me?

Don’t you realise that you’ve taken away everything I was ever scared to lose?

And that I have experienced everything I was ever afraid to live with.

You may want to ask, who am I?

I am the hanging body who could never pay back the loan.

I am the dead person who could never pray under the sky.

I am the girl who could not live with what happened to her.

I am the blood on the land of Jamia.

Today as you watch me stripping away the tags you put on me,

You get restless in your chair and you try to suppress me.

Are you so silly?

Get off your car and walk on the ground,

The graveyard is our home.

Tonight every single drop of blood will unite,

The oceans will howl,

The streets will chant,

The weak will speak,

The strong will be questioned,

And once again democracy will be established.

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