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“I prefer to be on the side of losers, the misunderstood or lonely people rather than writing about the strong and powerful.”

Núria Añó

Last night, my thoughts were not letting me sleep. Although I kept changing sides, but my mind was stuck. I had this profound idea which kept on evolving in my mind. I did not want this idea to die as I sleep or to vanish as I wake up in the morning. So I got up, grabbed my writing device and wrote all night. I did the best I can with my idea and then slept with satisfaction.

When I woke up the next morning, I was fortunate that I could felicitously write the dramatic scene. But I couldn’t write the concluding paragraph the following day. The night-writing deprived me of all the ideas, of all the vocabulary.
I was completely blank.

While I was struggling to implant ideas in my brain, I found certain things that helped me overcome my mood swings and lightened my spirit. To reawaken the monotonously beautiful writer, I have to design a suitable atmosphere.

First in my list is:
Writer’s Coffee Mug
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My writerly-mug helps me to deal with the grumpy person I become certain times. Most of the times I’m struggling with my characters, trying to be unbias to them and figuring out their time of death (painful 🙁 ). So when I wake up, dried of emotions, a perfect coffee lits me up.

Next, I have a very inspiring wall painting:
A Quote By Edgar Allan Poe
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Edgar Allan Poe is one of my favourite authors. He had a unique style of writing. Reading his horror tales can run a shiver down your spine.
The best part, most of his writing work is inspired by events that had occurred in his life. This wall painting always succeeds to inspire me when I’m stuck in the empty loop.

The next on my list is really cutesy, it’s going to encourage you to read every day:
The Bookend
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The two superheroes are trying really hard to lift these unread books. You got to boost up your reading rate. Finish reading these books before our superheroes are crushed by their heavyweight :&.

It’s the time that you drape yourself in literary-art with the Infinity Book Scarf
Pride and Prejudice Book Scarf
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Show the world, the nerdy book reader you are. Well, I don’t believe in Goodluck at all, but the scarf helped me to build up my self-confidence.

You need a fresh start every day, I bet nothing is better than receiving a piece of morning advice from the world’s best authors.
Novel Teas for the finest English breakfast
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It brushes up my thoughts every day. Sip it and relax, it’s going to be a writerly-day ahead. Novel teas are going to keep you energetic when you have to go through a major re-write and best suited for your editing day.

I’m not going to say that all this stuff in your house is going to make you a great writer.
Writing your soul out, putting your intelligent emotions into words and giving life to your characters is what makes you a great writer. If you’re not moved by your writing nobody else will. Your first job as a writer is to convince yourself as a reader by your write-ups.
It’s going to be a really bumpy journey, but I hope that your first reason to be a writer will give you strength and courage on the way. 🙂

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