Five Books Trending Now

It’s the time that you update your reading list. I know reading can be addictive at times and dull too if you’re not on the right book. But the worst part is when a boring book gets addictive.
Well, no book is boring, it depends on your taste, of course.
Let’s find out your taste in books, and accordingly, you can choose the book which is best for you.

So the game begins.
You have to pick one color from each set of colors. You don’t scroll down without choosing the color or you destroy the fun.

Set 1
Pink, Purple, Blue, Red, Green
Set 2
Green, Yellow, Dark Blue, Orange, Grey
Set 3
Black, Pink, Yellow, Orange, Green
Set 4
White, Grey, Blue, Brown, Black
Set 5
Orange, Blue, Yellow, Green, White

Now if you choose Purple or Red from Set 1 then this book is for you.
In one simple sentence, it is a love triangle between Charlie Friend, Miranda and Adam (a robot).
New York Times says, “Ultimately, it asks a surprisingly mournful question: If we built a machine that could look into our hearts, could we really expect it to like what it sees? “
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Machines Like Me

For set 2 if you choose green or yellow then you might be interested in reading
Spring by Ali Smith.
This novel describes the bleak situations in an artistic way. It revolves around immigration, technology, climate change effects and all other realistic issues we are tackling with.
According to The Guardian, “the novel becomes an explicit refashioning of Pericles, Shakespeare’s co-written play of migration and family separation, with Florence as a modern-day Marina.”
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Spring by Ali Smith

From set 3 if you have chosen pink or orange then
Life Will Be the Death of Me…And You Too! by Chelsea Handler is for you.
This book comprises of true stories that lead Handler to introspect. The book has funny as well as sad elements that make it stand out. It portraits Handler’s self-discovery year with honesty. It features a nerdy but brilliant Psychiatrist.
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Life Will Be the Death of Me…And You Too! by Chelsea Handler

For the ones who chose white, grey and blue, this one’s for you
The Editor by Steven Rowley
This book is from the bestselling author of Lily and the Octopus. The book features a struggling writer, James Samle who finally sells his candid autobiographical novel to the editor Kennedy Onassis. The editor falls in love with his book which revolves around James’ dysfunctional family.
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The Editor

For my yellow and orange guys,
Gingerbread by Helen Oyeyemi
This novel revolves around a family legacy that inherited a gingerbread recipe. The super imaginative novel by the bestselling author of Boy, Snow, Bird and What Is Not Yours Is Not Yours beautifully portraits that how the gingerbread holds constant value.
“Exhilarating…A wildly imagined, head-spinning, deeply intelligent novel.” -The New York Times Book Review.
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Now here’s the thing, you don’t have to take the game so seriously. Even if your colours didn’t match the book you find interesting. Just screw the game!
Go ahead and buy whatever book you find great. 😉

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