White Chamber

She woke up in a white chamber
A bright white chamber
Side by side, she was moving her hands on the wall
Scratching the surface,
Thudding the floor
She was trying to get out of the white chamber.

The opposite wall was in the positive x-direction
and she could never reach it
so, she stuck, banging the only wall she had
and kept thumping the glass flooring
until she realised she couldn’t break it.

Then she ran towards x,
after a couple of minutes,
she found herself in the middle of infinity
no matter which way she runs
it never ends.

Lying there,
she fell off her bed
or die here
to wake up in reality.
But there is no real world left.

She tried to wrap herself in the only pair of garment
and put her hands in the pocket
found a cold, metallic coin hiding in
She tossed it in the clean air
and found life when it landed.

The green leaf,
somewhat like a lettuce
but it was growing like a creeper.
She touched the gentle leaves
And it gently wrapped around her arm
then around her neck
and then it drilled into her mouth.

She went in the hole
from where the plant emerged
and the hole closed with its depart.

The White Chamber was once again a void space
with a coin.

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