The Lady25- Chapter 1

It was 8 in the morning. She got up rolling on her bed, stretching those numb fingers and feet.

“Time to dip in the tub”, she mumbled to herself.

While she was soaking the hot water, memories rewind,

“Oh, last night was difficult”, she took a deep breath and went inside the water to wipe it all out.

Anyhow, after a couple of minutes, she jumped out and dried her lazy-self. She moved towards the kitchen and made herself a cup of coffee.

“Where is my damn cell phone?”, she knit her brows and moved hurriedly towards her room.

She kept her coffee mug on the bedside table and searched the wrinkled blanket; as she lifted up the pillow to check the underlying area, she heard a thud sound. Her cellphone dropped on the matted floor.
She picked it up swiftly.

“I sleep like a dead person”, she said, squinting at the cracked display of her smartphone.
She rubbed the display against her garment and put the phone in her pocket.

Then she moved towards the dressing area and stood in front of the mirror, tieing a bun. She zipped up her jacket and hastily jumped in the long black boots.
Lastly, putting up the hood she enabled her incognito mode and said goodbye to home sweet home.

Her bag pack was swaying back and forth as she sprinted to reach the bus stop on time.
She caught her breath looking at the other passengers on the stop and joined the queue.
She was standing last in the line while a man appeared out of the mist and handed her a key.

The bus arrived and its headlight blinded her for a moment as she could not see the man departing. She shifted her focus, stepped in the bus and looked for a free seat.

The bus stopped at the next stop and she got off. After walking straight for another two minutes, she stopped at an old wrought iron entrance door and wore her Id card.
The Id card had her photograph at the front and an alphanumeric name,’Lady25′ below it. She then went through the scanner which showed her a green light.

Surprisingly, the iron gates were protecting the high-tech hub behind them.

After that, she moved straight to her lab and made necessary arrangements for today’s meeting.

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