Live & Die

She built a castle at the roof of others,
and mocked at the decision of her brothers,
she stared everyone with contempt,
and is the master of the blame game,
but the crowd still takes her name,
she let the monsters unchained,
and now smiles with pain.

Oh, she who lived within four walls,
now owns a palace,
and she who used to sleep with a teddy,
has now transformed to a night owl,
but the emptiness of her heart
has broken her apart.

Though her body is growing old,
there is nothing to be told,
then she hears the growls,
it’s the time to cut the crops,
and face the disdain.

Lying on the old bed,
she now counts her days,
with tears in her eyes,
she revives the golden memories,
“those were the days”, she says.
And turns to the other side,
the tears on her cheek dried,
she lived, and now she has to die.

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