Chapter 3- The Night Before

In the small room of a motel, a couple was sitting at the dining table. Candles and flowers were used to decorate the dining table. And the dim lights of the room were scenting romance.

The young lady was wearing a black, backless gown. Contrarily, she has aggressive looks on her face. Whereas, the man was in a tuxedo suit. He was smiling vividly and enjoying his time.

The dinner was almost over. So, the lady took out a lipstick from her handbag and applied it on her lips. Its colour was dark brown and was perfectly matching the atmosphere. She blotted her lipstick on a napkin and then, crumpled it in her fist.

Meanwhile, the blond-haired man was observing all her actions. He put down his knife on the table, but not the fork, and walked towards the lady.

“Let me see the napkin”, said the man.

“huh…”, she smirked.


“Take it, if you can”, she looked straight in his pearl blue eyes.

The man pinched her hand with the fork, and Stapsa loosened her firm fist.

“Ouch!, Cazzive”, Stapsa glared at him.

However, she stood up, put her arms around his neck and said, “tell me you’re going to sign the papers tomorrow.”

“I won’t”, Cazzive continued, “you know me”, and kept staring at her matte brown lips.

Stapsa bit her lips and said, “please, it’s for our future.”

Cazzive didn’t reply, and there was a short pause until Stapsa interrupted his thoughts. She pulls her hands forward to his chest and said, “for our children” she continued, “it’s about their future.”

Cazzive kissed her forehead and said, “if my children’s future will cost the future of others” he sighed and continued, “I don’t want any children.”

“You’re so soft”, Stapsa smirked.

“No”, he put his hands affectionately on Stapsa’s face and said, “your boss’s vision has blinded you.”

This uneasy conversation offended Stapsa. Therefore, she took a step back and moved towards the dining table to take her handbag.

“Are you leaving?”, asked Cazzive, confusedly.

“You’re making a mistake”, she scowled at him.

“Don’t leave”, he continued with moist eyes “it’s our day.”

“Why don’t you put it to an end?”

“Let’s discuss it later.”

Cazzive moved towards Stapsa and put his hands on her slim-waist to pull her closer. Next, he soothingly bit her bottom lips. Then, gently, he tossed her hair back and caressed her neck.

“Just stop it”, she pushed Cazzive back and said, “get away!”

“So where you goin’, huh?” he spoke up in sulk, “Oh, let me guess, where will you go to find satisfaction.”

Annoyingly, he came closer to Stapsa looked her in her eyes and continued, “to your big- big,.. boss.”

Then, Stapsa grabbed a wine glass and hit it on the wall. Next, she picked up shattered glass and stabbed it through Cazzive’s palm.

After this intense activity, there was absolute silence in the room. Cazzive glowered at Stapsa but said nothing. In addition to this, Stapsa moved back towards the door without showing any sign of guilt. At last, Cazzive lost his balance, and he leapt on her.

He pulled Stapsa back and grabbed her hairs. Then, he pushed her head into the couch and kissed her aggressively. While Stapsa’s hands were locked, he went on, forcing her to lose control. As soon as Stapsa stopped opposing, he loosened his grasp. Cazzive was over Stapsa, and they both were panting heavily.

After regaining her strength, she pushed Cazzive on the other side and kicked him in the groin. As a result, Cazzive fell on the floor, moaning in pain.

“Abuser”, she cried.

Finally, she left the place and didn’t turn back at all.

“Stapsa”, he began to whine, “don’t leave, please.


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