Chapter 2- The Future of Human-race

White-haired men wearing black coats were sitting in the meeting room, talking merrily to each other. In this happy atmosphere, she was staring at the screen of her laptop and was murmuring to herself.
After a while, a tall man entered the room and everyone went silent.

“Gentlemen, you can talk and celebrate because this is the time”, said the tall man and everyone applauded
“we’re going to accomplish something that the outer world thinks, might take years.”

The tall man moved towards her seat and said, “we appreciate the contribution of this young girl.”
Then he walked back and continued, “Gentlemen, please allow me to welcome Stapsa, the leading member of the biggest scientific research organisation, The Lady25.”

The meeting room echoed with the thunderclap.

Stapsa moved towards the dice with cold feet and placed her laptop on the podium. She cleared her throat and drank a full glass of water to relax her nerves.

“Tomorrow is a big day, not only for us but for the whole humankind”, said Stapsa in a clear voice.

The Lady25 has made numerous attempts to build an artificial circuit, that can make 100 trillion connections like the human brain. It has achieved fair advancement in the field of supercomputing and brain mapping.

“The world is focussed on AI”, Stapsa continued “but our team’s primary concern is the future of the human race.”

Cells of the human body will eventually die but downloading the human brain to a machine can make humans immortal. The government banned the research on this subject due to illegal experiments on prisoners. However, The Lady25 continued to research in this area privately inside their secret lab.  Although no experiments could be conducted, it didn’t take them long to overcome this obstacle.

Stapsa pointed at the picture of a robotic machine on the projector screen with her laser pointer,
“the members of The Lady25 will be the first to step in the world of immortality.”

Hearing these words, everyone’s face lightened and they smiled looking at each other.

Soon after the modification of human right laws, The Lady25 developed a team that excels in social engineering; this helped the organisation in psychologically manipulating the mind of the targeted people.
By collecting their digital footprints and controlling their newsfeed, they were able to push their targets forward to indulge in communication with them.

“The time has come to end the series of experiments”, Stapsa sighed,
“we will run our last human experiment tomorrow, thank you.”

After the presentation, she folded her laptop and made her way through the applauses to her seat.

“Gentlemen, please keep your patience till the task is accomplished”, said the tall man solemnly,
“Now, I want everyone to be at their respective departments.”

One by one each person left through the front door of the meeting room. Stapsa kept sitting at her place and was watching the room growing dark. After everyone left, she noticed that the front door is the only way to brightness. She stood up, sighed and took out her cell phone but couldn’t unlock it due to her frozen fingers.

“Stapsa”, someone whispered in her ear.

She gasped and turned around.

“Mr Wollopick”, she heaved a sigh.

“Jona, how many times do I have to remind you”

“Yes Jona, thanks for the great introduction.”

“That was nothing”, Jona mumbled, ” you deserve more”
he continued in an audible tone, “meet me in my office”

Stapsa nodded.

And they left through the bright door.


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