A dark night, and somewhere in the woods, murmuring could be heard. The six female musketeers were encircling the bonfire. One among them was the planner or the so-called leader, her name was Lina. Their hands on each other’s back and their faces were lit with enthusiasm.

Lina feels pride in wearing her culture and carrying her traditions along, to every land she visits. She was in a black corset with long black sleeves and the corset ties up the front. Her muscular hands could be spotted when she bent to take the map. The creamy long skirt with an overlay on either side and the fire in her eyes was bright. She continued to explain the whole route to her members.
“When you hit the musée, remember you all have a different entrance,” Lina said in a lower yet powerful tone, “Every way out, must be covered. Neither you nor your enemies are allowed to disturb the outer world.”

The museum is located in the centre of the city and has been a very captivating place. According to the information gathered by Lina’s agents, GG is going to attack it in the dawn. GG or Gabriel Groupe is the most renowned name of the time. They have destroyed more than two hundred twenty-five places and now they are heading to the west to add more numbers. They want to demolish every foreign smelling building in their country. After years of appeal in the court and not receiving a satisfying response they decided to take the rapier in their hand. And the outcome is much more destructive than expected.

Lina and her group work for Marvelous Musketeers. The branches of Marvelous Musketeers are spread across the globe. They work in collaboration with the local government as their right hand. Lina is the head of 025MM and has been given the job to stop any further ruination in the place. Fifteen days have passed since the mission statement was signed and Lina’s purse is still empty. She doesn’t want to miss her target this time. Also, she needs to fill the same unbeatable spirit in her members.

“Louise, I want you to cover block A1,” Lina said as she was assigning jobs to the deserved ones, “No goddamn security man is allowed there, if you see any, make sure you take care of him properly. There is no target missing this time.”
Louise nodded in assurance. She was in a greyish metal corset printed with a white cross at the front, a short worn-out skirt and the brown boot tops. She has a history and hence a challenging attitude. But her skills are well recognised by Lina.

Emma the oldest group member with a long, thick, black braid looking straight in Lina’s eyes to show her willingness to take up the most challenging part.
Emma and Auberi were asked to cover the central part. Whereas Careen, Caila and Darcia were supposed to be present at the three exits of the Museum.

The traditional Musketeer festival was going to be held on the following day and Lina being the manager of the festival organised, won’t be able to assist her musketeers any more. According to the plan, the six musketeers were supposed to join the festival at six in the evening after accomplishing their task.
After Lina finished, musketeers took the map and try absorbing it. They left within a few moments to their own ways. The six musketeers wrapped the main gauche around their waist and took their rapiers with pride. Lina went the other way to reach the ballroom on time and make all the arrangements.

After arriving at the destination, they grab their positions as planned. Louise with her squinty eyes was attentive, noticing everything around. Her cheeks burning red. She was circling the A1 block with her wide yet silent steps. Emma decided to cover the left central part whereas Auberi took the other area. Auberi is the quietest member, her eyes are the most dangerous weapon as all her anger could be seen through them.
Careen, the fanciest of all was in the shiny armour and a short metal skirt adding to her looks. Caila and Darcia are the best together.

Louise turned, hearing a loud noise but couldn’t identify its direction as the place is echoey. Her turn proved to be very beneficial for the GG as they succeed to distract her and made their way inside the museum.
Though they couldn’t hide from her vision as Louise was able to detect some black thing moving behind the column. This all happened in a blink of an eye that she couldn’t identify the number of people.
She acted like she didn’t see anyone and soon she was out their vision. She hit one of the men from back and other was in a position to fight. The GG man was all covered in black, just the portion of his eyes was visible.

They both swung their rapiers. Louise was attacking while the man took the defensive position at first. He blocked two of her attacks and as she raised her rapier in the air for the third strike, the man didn’t deflect it rather he strikes back in the same line of force and both rapiers made a powerful cross. The man then let Louise’s rapier come closer to him to make her sense victory, just then he kicked her hard on the bottom of her left leg which was not properly balanced because of the changing positions and she fell. He kicked her again on the left shoulder giving her no time to regain. She loses her grip on the rapier and the man stepped on her hand, Louise groan in pain. She was disarmed and tried to lift herself.

“Stay!”, said the man and brought his rapier down to her chest. Louise’s free hand reached the gauche and she cut a deep gash in his leg. She pushed him back as he staggered and then she stood up. She kicked her wounded leg three times until he fell disarmed on the marble floor, face down.
Louise came over to the men in black.
“Stay”, she said in a hissing voice, pulling his hairs from the back to lift his face and sliced his neck.

Louise realised that while she was busy fighting, the other men made it in the museum. So she moved to the central part where she found Emma and Auberi were already fighting men. There were five men in black and the tallest one came towards Louise.
Emma is well skilled and could handle three at once. Her rapier made through the small gap of one of the men’s armour and she hit the other man in the crotch and then chocked him, while she slammed the last man against the column and her powerful kick at his head made him fall at the ground.

Emma, panting, looked at Auberi, she wasn’t doing better. So, Emma came forward with her rapier to help Auberi. One of the men stood up and wrapped his arm around Emma’s neck and chocked her.
“Not so easy”, he said pressing hard.
Emma struggled to free herself from his muscular grip but it was all useless the man was much more powerful. Emma was losing consciousness. The man lost his grip and fell at the floor, Emma turned and there was Louise who hit the man’s head with a solid plate.

“Need more training, huh?”, Louise said with a smirk.
Emma was burning from inside but wasn’t in a state to respond and she just looked Louise, in her eyes.

Auberi was disarmed and has been slammed multiple times against the wall. She was lying on the floor and blood spill out of her mouth. The man, in order to lift her up again, pulled her braid but the spikes in it, hurt his hand. She dragged her body back seeing the man’s face getting red.
“You little piece …”, said the man, tightening his fist but couldn’t complete his statement as Louise’s kick made him fall and Emma stabbed him.

The sun came up to greet. Musketeers searching every area. All of a sudden there was silence all over the place. Louise, Emma and Auberi moved towards the exit and found no men have reached the exit yet.

“Where did they all go?”, Louise asked.

“Maybe they escaped”, Emma replied.

Auberi interrupted, “What if they are still hiding in?”

“Humph!”, Emma sighed.

“So what do we do now?”

“I think we should hide”, Louise said in a whispering tone, “so that they will feel we have left.”

Emma and Auberi hid behind the column while Louise adjusted herself in the small place near the statue. They waited for a couple of minutes then Louise signalled them to move to the exit gate. There they found no one. Careen appears seeing the other musketeers.

“What happened?”, Careen asked in confusion, “Where are the GG’s?”

“We caught some”, said Emma, “but the others managed to escape.”

“Escaped? so what do we do now?”

“We can’t do anything. We don’t know in which direction they go. So, we are leaving the place now”

“What if they come back?”

“That has got less possibility.”

“Maybe she is right”, Auberi said coughing and spits blood on the white marble floor.

Hearing the voices Caila and Darcia came out.

“Are you okay? Auberi” said Caila, rubbing Auberi’s back.

Auberi nodded, “I’m good. Don’t worry.”

“I think you three should leave now”, Darcia stated “Auberi needs medication”

“Yeah and we three can stay here”, said Careen confidently “if they will return, we will manage.”

The Musketeers agreed. Louise, Emma and Auberi left while Careen began to search the museum. Caila and Darcia tried to trace GG’s track.

“I don’t think they are going to return”, Careen said, “Let’s leave the place now.”

“Remember what Lina said”, Darcia argued, “we can’t miss this time.”

Careen rolled her eyes as she said, “Alright!”

Two hours passed and the three of them were leaning against the wall.

“Are you still going to wait?”, Careen said yawning, “within few moments the sun will set…”

“It will not be easy for us to make to the ballroom after the sunset”, said Caila.

“This festival is special for me. I don’t want to reach there late”

“Yeah!”, Caila chuckles as she said “also, it will take you forever to get ready”

“Oh shut up”, Careen blushes and turns her face.

“Okay! they are not coming back” Darcia agreed, “Let’s go”

The red sunset waving goodbye to the three musketeers moving to their destination. They start stepping fast and it turns to be a race. Darcia was leading and Caila following her. Careen was left behind.

“These girls are fast”, Careen said breathing heavily, “I’m gonna catch you”

Soon Darcia and Caila are out of Careen’s vision. She stopped by a tree to catch her breath. There she noticed a black figure hiding behind a bush. She was alarmed and holds her rapier firmly in her hands. She was taking small, quiet steps towards the bushes and suddenly she felt someone’s presence behind her.

Careen turned swinging her rapier and there it clunks against another rapier. She noticed five men in black circling her. She took the attacking position and targetted one man that was standing in the favourable direction. Both, the man and Careen ran towards each other. Just then she threw the iron ball grenade behind her on to the men circling her and dodged the targeted man’s attack. She was in no mood of fighting so, she ran. But the targeted man was following her. He could easily catch her so she hid behind a tree.
As the man approached, Careen swung her rapier to strike him down. The man was fast enough to block her attack.

Careen could sense the deadly air surrounding her. They were swinging, striking, blocking but the fight was not moving to an end.

“Only one of us will make it”, said the man in his heavy voice.

“I’ll make sure it’s not you”, Careen said grinding her teeth.

It took Careen a lot of time to identify the pattern of the man’s strikes. She guessed his next move and there he was disarmed. As Careen got closer to the bear handed man to knock him down, he kicked her right at the chest. And giving her no time, he hit Careen again at her head and she fell.
Lying disarmed on the ground, she pulled the dagger from her boots secretly. The man pointed the rapier’s tip against her throat but had no idea of Careen’s next move. The man’s good moment was destroyed as Careen stabbed him in the foot with her dagger.
He fell back and cried out in pain.

“This is the rule of nature”, Careen said stepping towards the groaning man, “only the abled one survives”

Careen then stabbed him with the rapier, puncturing his heart. She now knows she won’t reach the festival on time. She ran faster than before and after some time she was able to see the lights. It was already looking beautiful from a distance. She reached the ballroom completely forgetting she is looking a mess.
Everyone looked at her as she entered through the beautiful passage. Red with embarrassment, she retraced her steps. Caila and Darcia followed her.

Careen was out of her senses and she sticks to the wall behind the large pillar so that no one can see her.

“Careen, are you alright?”, said Caila expressing worries.

“Archer is waiting for you”, said Darcia.

Careen finally replied, “I need to get ready.”

“But where were you?”, Caila asked moving towards her.

“Careen”, Archer interrupted as he burst in.
He came closer to Careen but she hid her face with hands, yet Archer and others could sense her big, blushy smile.

“You wait at the ballroom,” said Darcia, “she needs to get ready.”

Archer left the ladies alone. Caila and Darcia took Careen’s both hands and take her to the dressing room where she cleaned all her mess. She wears a beautiful blue lace gown, sleeves dropping off her shoulders. Caila and Darcia help her do her hairs.

“You look beautiful”, said Caila and Darcia at the same time.

Careen slightly bowed and said, “Thank you!”

Everyone’s eyes were set on the six Musketeers entering together through the beautiful passageway.

Emma and Auberi came to Careen, they exchange hugs. On the other hand, Louise was enjoying the night by herself looking at the shiny starts.
Archer who was desperately waiting for Careen finally got a chance to hold her hand. They spend a beautiful night together.

But Lina was nowhere to be seen


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