Picture Perfect

She wakes up
and wear a lot of makeup
She is picture perfect!

She dresses up
and drinks lukewarm water
’cause all that really matters
She is picture perfect!

She sticks a smile
and fill the fantasy holes
always gives a little more
that’s what her photographer asked for
She is picture perfect!

She polishes her personality
and they glaze her body
bones are really counted
the definition of glamour, her words don’t matter
here is the portrait of beauty
She is picture perfect!

She cherishes her body
and they appreciate it
’cause she eats lesser everytime to be in the limelight
being the princess of the screen
her reality is in the debt cycle
where money is the only escape
She is picture perfect!

She touches the height
and sleeps on their floor at night
warm cosy bed are for making out
give them all she has
that means her sleek figure
to take a penny from their deep pockets
then deals with the harassment
She is picture perfect!

She broke her spirit
and they came up with all the appealing dreams
when everything faded
no happy memories to recall
her actuality is darker than night
a doll in front of you all
with no home where she can return
not a helpline number to call
She is picture perfect!

She is trapped in a loop
and told by many that she could be replaced
now she can never breakout
starved and abused as a child with no identity
grew up to be a person with a face and no voice
overworked and underpaid
matured body with a young mind
finding a little warm in someone’s arm
living with cold-blooded people
She is picture perfect!


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