I couldn’t find Her

In between of great hustle and bustle, like everyone, I was rushing. There a lady was differently dressed and her job was to wish everyone.
I had recently switched my job and I was noticing everything around on the new way to the office. I realised that the lady was also differently abled when some people turned her to be a figure of fun.
Every day on the same platform I found her engaged in some stuff. Her activities always caught my attention.

A month later, another day filled with noise and commotion, there she was lying against the wall of an old canteen. Profusely bleeding and I couldn’t understand what has happened. After I took my eyes off that traumatic scene and concentrated on the words I could hear.
“Psychopath has given birth to a baby girl” the moustached man was saying to his colleague who was nodding in disguise. I cleared my throat and asked, “Where is the baby?” The man with folds on his head replied, “a van from an NGO has left a few minutes ago they might have taken the baby.”
I heard the whistle and got on the train.

For a few days, I struggled to erase the scene from my memory. But the aggressive lady shows up to me every time. Her eyes are always in search of her baby and she observes every child closely. Parents clung their children to them. Somedays she wants to take away every child and other days she wants to open up her stomach to know where is her child.

All her life she has received hate from this society. I tried to look the life from her eye and came up with this…

 Why I couldn’t keep her
touch her and love her
someone has taken her
and now I couldn’t kiss her
and feed her

Have I lost her?
I don’t remember
I go back to the same place
again and again
but I couldn’t find her

She is my little daughter
the beautiful girl ever
Is she the one with curly hairs?
or there the one with chubby cheeks?
oh! I couldn’t remember her face
but I’m her mother
and I’ve to find her

Is she still in?
I want to look inside
someone open it up

When the sun sets
and I don’t see her next to me
I want to pull my hairs
hit me and kill me
because I hate me
I couldn’t find her

and I couldn’t find her
but I’ll search everywhere
and keep on searching all my life
until I find her.

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