Break the Shell

“Crusty surface
Paining feet
Scratchy legs and my body so weak
waking up is drying my mouth
But dark is my room and soft my couch
My heavy eyes don’t want me to move out
So I see myself sleeping tight
standing here in the second frame of life
Unconsciousness is taking over my mind
rooting my limbs deep down
going inside the bouncy bed
because it’s going to shine bright outside…”

Sweet little pain of my cranky toes
moisturizer stinging my scratchy hide
the horizon is drawing a white line
Should I wake up to the bright side
cut all my roots and fleece me with clouds
then I will walk on the cracky surface
to hit the bright light.

Water can’t wash the blood stains
and I’m scared to put my foot down
though there is light all around
it’s still black under my bed
and their lies a box
chained to my foot
I can never leave the place

You might wonder I lack the courage
to see it all again
but I lack the courage to let it go
so I want to move back to my shell
and repair it once again.

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