(In the Process of) Elimination

She needs less of them but she always adds more of them,
Adding numbers and finding belongingness in the crowd.
Explaining to them, making them understand her point,
sweeping out misunderstandings and clearing the confusions.

The night is waiting to fall,
awaiting bed,
and everything in the room was still, until…
the broken footsteps were heard and a body crashed on the couch.

The numbers just added to her wrinkles,
and they just swap the peace of her mind,
each day, every day until…
‘The process of elimination began.’

That made her realise that she serves a higher purpose,
that this is the way they have always been
and this is the way they will always be
so she needs to eliminate them.

She needs more of herself in her life
and that is all that matters

Eliminating them can be lonely,
and as quiet as it can be
that is its beauty.

They are little, scary creepers
feeding themselves on your sorrow,
their wide grins
are never going to make any difference in your life

In the process of Elimination,
after cutting through
you will meet
the ‘Unfaded You’.

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