You may Kiss my Lips then

Pressing her legs, she might be thinking about you.
There were marbles all over the floor. I remember her spreading them all over the place though, I insisted her to use balloons, she denied.

She is lying on the floor with the marbles, in a sheath-like black skin instead of dressing in a white piece. I asked her but she denied to wear that butterfly gown.
Hearing the footsteps, she spread her arms and collected the marbles in the arc of her arms.
She lifted up her eyelashes and looked straight into his eyes. With this, she took her hands a little high and released all the marbles.

He kept standing at the door and didn’t enter the room. His mystified looks got deep as she started crawling towards him in her tightly fitted skin.
The sound of bouncing marbles and her appealing yet mysterious looks were making him restless.
She held his hands to lift herself up but he flurriedly got her waist and lifted her. The moment his lips separated in order to ask, she put the marble on her lips by lifting up her chin and closed her eyes.

He noticed the bruised, dry lips and then he took his eye on her whole appearance, tip to toe. By this time the sound of bouncing marbles was dying. He lifted her in his arms and the marble fell down. With three bouncing sounds and it was all silent again.
He took her to the bedroom where she took off her black skin.
Her fair skin is dry yet shines in the white light of the room.

She stretched her legs and sat on the floor. Seeing her legs wide open he came closer. After a romantic touch, she pushed him away.
Then she joined her legs, knees high and heels on the floor. Arms hugging the legs and her head bowed and still. So, he came forward, tried to lift her face up. Suddenly she grabbed him, scratched his chest so he moved back.
She retained her position and now he has angry looks. He held her hand tightly and shook her. She lifted her face this time but a tear rolls down her cheek.

He was perplexed by her drama and didn’t show any emotion.
So she got up and started banging her hand against the wall. He took her that time, totally confused. He wrapped his arms around her and hugged her tightly though she was not calm, breathing heavily. She was pushing him, throwing things that came in contact with her feet. But he held her tensely and then, she was calming down.
There she was in his arms and exhaling normally now.

My Love for you?
It is unnatural you may say
I love you in the most complicated way.

My love for you?
It is when I scratch your back
and don’t let you touch me
It is when I hide from you
and I spray my perfume all over your place.

My love for you?
It is when I don’t understand myself
yet I show you the bright side of life
yes, I’m selfish, I don’t understand myself
yet I want you to understand me.

My love for you?
is when I paint you in my secret diary
is when I ask you to find the letters of your name on my body
is when I drop the sleeve off my shoulder.

My love for you?
Is all cherishing me you may say
Yes it is
I love you in the most complicated way
I love you in the most self-serving way.

Why do you love me then?
For my magical touch,
For my appealing looks
For my crazy talks
or For my beauty bones?
You Love me for who I’m
I Love you for who you’re. ❤

When we will be far, misunderstanding may fill the gap
When we will be far, sadness may find its way
When we will be far, our fights may kill the loving whispers

I hope we remember our beautiful days then
I hope we dream of our better future then,
I hope that after we get tired of shouting, we may call each other’s name then

‘I hope when I bite all my lips in anger leaving them bruised
You may kiss my lips then.’

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