The Day You will Leave


The day you will leave,
She will control herself and try not to call you
try not to text you
try not to feel anything
and she will succeed that first day.

After the day you leave
She will wake up
The Sun will be bright because she will wake up late
and there will be no chirping birds
Her phone, next to her pillow
She will look at it lying there silent
and she will not pick it up

She will turn on the music
All the EDM songs on her playlist
And she will dance
like a crazy person and then she will laugh
She will laugh looking the crazy person in the mirror
And then She will stop

She will go to the bathroom
And there in the shower
She will love herself and cherish her body
And after that, she will shout.

Regaining the control
and walk to her bed again
But then she will dress beautifully though she doesn’t want to
And she will make her favourite dish
and will watch Mr Bean

She will laugh and laugh
and then the sun sets
She wants to go out for a walk
but she won’t because she doesn’t want to meet anyone
So she will stay in her home

then she will fool herself knowingly, she will pick up her phone
with the little hope that you must have messaged her
She will pick up the phone and will check you out
but no messages and no calls
and then, of course, she will check your last seen
And then your last seen shows her that you were active a few minutes ago
it will break her heart more
and the tears will roll down, she was controlling them since the day you left

And then she will upload one post to make you realise your mistake
She will just hold her cell phone to know when you are going to see it
And as you see it
She will again fool herself that you’ll reply to it
but you won’t and then she will throw her phone in anger
not on the floor but on the bed because she will again fool herself

And she will say to herself ‘I just don’t care.’
Hardly fifteen minutes will pass she will again pick up her phone
and this time she will call you because she fooled herself that you will be waiting
And after listening to her sweet hello, you’ll say, ‘I’m a little busy, please don’t mind, can you call me after some time?’
and then in anger, she will just put down her phone
and again she will say to herself ‘I’m never talking to him’

And after one hour that she will pass restlessly
she will call you because she will again fool herself saying ‘he asked you to call that means he wants to talk’
And then you will say ‘yes, what has happened?’
She will say ‘nothing’ she will not say anything then because she wants you to understand that she is crying and she is hurt.

then you will get angry and will ask ‘if you don’t have anything to say why did you call me?’
and then in trembling voice, she will ask ‘why you did this to me?’
because she will fool herself that your heart will melt listening to her voice
but you will turn all the mistakes on her
and then she will cheat herself she will say sorry to you again and again
and you will just keep blaming her

and then she will ask ‘what do you want from me?’
you will burden her with a bag of restrictions and she knows, why are you doing this because you know she will never agree. So you can say ‘I gave you a chance but it was you who hurt me, who didn’t agree with me.’
So, because she will cheat herself she will say ‘okay I’ll agree to this and then do you think, things will be fine?’
You will act like you are the ruler and will rudely reply ‘okay I’ll think about it’
and will put down your cell phone
though she wants to talk more.

she will call you again and ask you to make things clear to her
And because she is cheating herself she will even plead you
but you will be this ignorant and ambitious ruler
Now she will throw things and bang her head
now she will destroy herself
Now she will shout and cry so hard
so hard

and the next day she will call again
and you will not answer
and she will call you after every fifteen minutes
and then the next day, every hour
she will call you
everything will go unanswered

Some days she will stop herself while some days she will call you every minute
This will go on for one month
Until she will again get dressed, again be beautiful and again will go for a walk
she will laugh with people and her so-called friends
she will take part in activities
and she will enjoy flirting
And that day she will move on

And that day she will realise her life is easy and beautiful even without you
She will feel the lightness
and she will feel the happiness
though some days she will feel lonely but she won’t cheat herself then.

After some more time, she will find someone else better than you
And this time she knows she is not giving him the right to control her life
And this time she knows she is not giving him the key to her happiness
And this time she knows how to move on

But you will return to her after some more time
You will ask about her life and you will ask about her, sweetly
and she will reply sweeter than you
After some more days, you will ask her to come back
and this will be her time to take revenge
but don’t worry she will not make you beg as you did
She will not even blame you
She will just smile and smile and move on… ?

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