I Looked into the Mirror

After hitting the snooze button multiple times, I woke up, hating the sunlight making its way through the window to my dry, scratchy eyes.
Finally pushing myself to get out of bed and standing in front of the mirror. Looking at the reflection of my body and trying to accept it.
I just began to speak looking at my reflection,”Why do you even exist? It has been so long, you are here making no impact rather than discouraging the people around or spreading negativity, why do you even exist?”

I say these words every morning looking in the mirror but my reflection looked different today.
Inside lady was looking bolder than me, with broad shoulders and sharp eyes. She wasn’t looking like my reflection rather someone in a parallel universe.
That one morning she was looking lively.
I was taken aback when she was bulging out of that frame. In my echoey bathroom, all I could hear was the word ‘STOP’, surrounding me. The lady figure inside the frame spoke, she said ‘STOP’.
I wanted to step back but her eyes held me there. In that very moment, all my quizzing sense was gone. Standing there, completely blank and staring at the perfect and appealing figure in front of me.
I was taken by her lively attitude by the time she spoke to me.

She said, “I can’t wake up every day to listen the same the lifeless words. I can’t murder myself every day with those words.”
She said,”I’m here to live, to dance, to sing my song, to spread my wings, to fly and to crawl at times. I’m not here to stab me every day.
What if I’ve flaws? I work to improve them.
I was born to live not to just add numbers to your family. I’ve a lot in me and I need to take it out.
Don’t you see my beauty, my creativity and my duty?
I’ve a lot to do hence, I can’t let you kill me.
I’m trapped in you because you are stuck in your mind so, get me out of there.”

And the more she said, the more light entered my room.
As the light left, all I could see was darkness. I lost my vision for a few seconds. It was the powerful energy that made me blind and I found myself on the floor. I picked myself and look around but everything was normal.
Was I dreaming or it really happened?
I don’t know, I just looked into the mirror.

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