Scars on her body, are deep
She wears her scars and she doesn’t lighten them
Her scars help her to keep a distance from people

She wears her scars whereas others wear makeup
And she is not proud to wear them
She is not proud of what happened to her
But she wasn’t guilty of being the victim.

She wears her scars because she is not ashamed,
ashamed of being the victim of the situation,
a situation which was beyond her control.

She wears her scars not because she wants to tell people she is sad
She is peaceful despite all the torture,
Though deep down she is sad and lonely,
Deep down, there are traces left that cut her each day,
Deep down, she is hungry.

She wears her scars on her cold body,
And she has shiny eyes.
Despite all those scars,
She wakes up every day,
She wakes up with hope,
Hope which is not found in people wearing makeup,

She wakes up each day with the hope
that one day she will no longer feel the pain
That day, she will be Healing.

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