Black Days

‘Full of emotions’
Running out of words
‘Sun is shining’
Your room is dark
‘A big smile’
You are frowning
‘Lovely hugs’
You are cold
‘Kidding around’
It was sarcasm
‘Rosy cheeks’
Darker nights
‘Different mind’
Weird type

She just stopped by to tell me how black days are. They are black, she said not because you painted them black but because Sun lost it way to come back home. They are black, she said again and they consume you. They are so black that they absorb all your energy. They are black and exhaust you emotionally, physically.

‘Why are Black days so black?’, I asked.
Black days absorb light she said, all of your light, all of your shine. You try to keep up the fire because it is a cold black day. Soon you will notice despite your tireless effort it is all black and it is never changing. You are lucky I’m giving you this advice when you go through black days, don’t waste your energy shining because it absorbs everything and there is nothing you could do. Black days are so black.

‘How do you know all this?’, I asked her.
She looked straight into my eyes. ‘I’m living them’, she said and moved on.
While she was moving very fast, I shouted ‘Are you exhausted? Don’t you shine anymore?’. She didn’t say a word but I could see a spark in the mist. Soon she disappeared.
I met her after months.

Black days are really black, I’m living them I told her.
It seems you didn’t take my advice seriously, she said.
Yes, I tried crawling back to my burrow but something in me was on fire. Tell me how did you blow it off.
I couldn’t, she smiled.
We walked…

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