Write Your Equation of Life

She wrote her equation of life
tested it and modified.
She wrote her first equation in her childhood
“Work hard, Party hard”

She was growing emotionally and realised that her equation is missing
so she wrote her next equation during her teen years
“All you need is a good heart”

While in a confused state she realised that everyone is alone in the crowd
and her equation is missing, so she wrote again
“Nobody cares, only I matter”

Growing intellectually she learned the world needs  great mind and  good heart,
again her equation was missing. This time she copied the equation,
those equations given by the great minds.
Sooner she realised every individual has a different value for the variable
producing a different result.

Exhausted and depressed she decided to Quit every emotion. How can she quit
the pain in her heart for the voiceless? She regained her strength and wrote,
Wrote again and again until she got it.
“Go for your satisfaction”
This equation which she wrote can last forever until something new hits her.
If this time her equation failed she know how to hold the pen again.

And she wrote for you too…
‘Write your own equation.’

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