Where Do You Belong?

She said, “I know you don’t find yourself fitting in, so you are here. It’s okay. It’s always hard when you give up living the way they designed it then started creating your own. Ah, you failed, but I know you love it and after wiping all your tears and shaking off the doubts you will get up and do it again.

It has never been easy for beautiful souls to fill the beauty in the pit and ask people to jump in. You know, you are not limited to that pit. The day you woke up realizing how fed up the place has become, all your world has changed. The world is always in the eyes. If the light has not fallen, in such a way that the image on the retina would have pleased you, you wouldn’t have called it beautiful. You can’t change the image that is formed on the retina but your brain describes it which is linked to the information you fed it last night, reading the book you bought finally, after saving enough money which you decided not to spend in bars with your friends.

Yes, you are odd. Where do you belong? Everyone belongs to their world, which they created. You don’t fear to create your own world. Even if others don’t understand your methods, it’s Okay. Your faith matters and not people’s opinion. Nothing is real except the laws of physics that are not proven wrong, this line might drive you nuts because you find fading words and hollow actions.

Shouting and crying will help you release only the anxiety but in order to release the pain, you have to make your dream reality. If your dream is all you got then even if takes a lifetime and if your dream defines you. If it speaks you. Go for it!
Drop everything that comes your way, people, things, toxic relationships, overthinking. Do you know, your feelings don’t matter? What matters is your actions. Act every single moment towards your dream.”

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