The Feeling Of Nothingness

It seems hollow inside. Every feeling has been dug out. She doesn’t even find a single trace of it, of any of it.

Will rabbits ever hop again? 

It is a deep hole that was once filled with all colours and now, it is all black since no light has reached there for long. This complete nothingness doesn’t actually make her a cruel person since, cruelty is a feeling itself but up to a large extent, she doesn’t feel anything.

Waking every morning with no sunrise sucks. Going to bed with no lovely hugs sucks. She is the most unsocial element. Looking every time in the mirror with no self-love sucks.

Circle keeps on reminding it is just a state of being tired. She is in this state for long. She is tired of feeling. This complete nothingness in her separates her from attending social gatherings, maybe this is what depression looks like.

It was never a choice to be this way, but things don’t happen by chance even. Is this the best way to live, without feelings? Don’t know if all this is going to result in complete sadness. At least living this way gives her the courage to face public opinions. Underneath the hood, it actually helps to ignore everything.


Hope is a beautiful thing. She holds on to this that someday someone or something will just catch her attention, heal her wound and make her feel ‘humanity’, make her feel ‘love’.

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