Struggle For The ‘Second Success’

She remembers her first struggle. That wasn’t easy, the harder she tried the more insecure she felt. Looking back to those days fills her heart with pleasure.

The first success always sets a margin.
But who actually told her this, ‘Society’?

Many times this margin seems unachievable to her. The next goal in her mind no longer give her the butterflies because she is burdened with the heaviness of her first success.
She dropped everything at that exhausting moment. She walked on the road taken by Robert Frost. And discovered, she is the same, the same crazy girl who worked for her first success when the same society gave up on her. She discovered, that in her life she is going to decide margins, high or low, knowing her potential. There she discovered, success is a lifelong journey. In this journey she will fall, she will stand by herself and so she is going to decide her next step which is isolated from society’s opinion.

Every time she sets a goal, she is a beginner, she discovered looking at the half-eaten apple. And the lightness of being a beginner is refreshing.
She is not Robert Frost or Steve Jobs, she is The Lady25.

It is going to be a second success since success lies in trying and she is going to try harder. The outcome might or might not touch the margin but it is never going to stop her from trying, from moving forward. She is The Lady, the believer and also a super worker. Her struggle for the second success is purely her love for making it a reality.

The road has ended and she has found a way to her second success.

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