She Wrote to Herself


Let us talk, I know it’s nearly impossible for you to speak what you are going through but since I’m in my conscious state, let me guide you. At this moment, I’m free from every feeling so, I can show you a path.
Why am I here to show you a path? Since I know you can understand what is meant by ‘enlightenment’. You are not satisfied living an average life.

People have gone through worse to reach their destiny. This is your worse and worst is yet to come. And here you are in the middle of average people. This energy of being average is every day attracting you. And you are staggering.

First thing, I want to tell you is to be Kind to your future self.

Second thing, don’t let these temporary fantasies destroy your peace of mind

Third thing, tie your life to a goal and find happiness in taking every new, positive and exciting step towards your goal.

The world is made of all sorts. Many times you are not going to be comfortable with the conversations, with people surrounding you. You will get disturbed and you will try to escape.

Let me tell you it is not the average person that changes the world, that leads the world, but it is the great mind of a beautiful person that has the courage to think big and do big.

Take a long breath, be fine, sit back on your desk and try one more time.

With love
The Lady25

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