If I would be My Daughter

Her daughter locked herself in the room.
She was watching her daughter who was looking in the mirror with regret and revising ‘I’m not meant for it, I should have picked the easy way’.
And she was watching her.

She was watching her when that tall, dark, handsome guy left her that night. The next morning her daughter refused to pull the curtain and decided to remain in the dark room, she was watching her.

Her daughter was in her best attire when someone just passed saying a word that broke her in tears.

Her daughter was awake at nights licking the books, couldn’t get the best result. She was found again in the darkroom. In the darkroom where she was crying, ‘I’m not good enough’.
And she was watching her.

Her daughter kept shutting down all the possible ways towards her dream and she kept watching her.

Why couldn’t she break her silence? Why she didn’t tell her daughter that she is worthy, she is more than worthy? She could have said it if she would have done it.
She would have told her daughter, “go for your dream and don’t let anyone decide your limits. Don’t let anyone destroy your inner peace. Never give a permanent place to temporary people. Don’t fear the change. Face the shine, not the shadow. You are alive and you are not giving up. And go for what is yours in the universe. Like I did.” But because you didn’t you won’t say ‘like I did’.

Do it now so that you can say to your daughter ‘Go For Your Dream Like I did’.

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