A Line That Changed Her Life Forever

And she was never the same again…

A book lover knows the power of words.

Once she came across a line that clicked her mind and her heart so deep that it changed the way she used to think, she used to work.
What do you say to your kids and your grandkids when they ask Why didn’t you do anything?  What do you tell them?
The above line by Elon Musk questioned her actions each day and gave her the answer she was searching for years.

She doesn’t want to be the victim of the blame game, none of us wants, so, she used to turn it all over in a simple line ‘I’m not lucky enough’.
Excuses show us the easy way to escape.

Someday she will fall in love with her prince charming and plan her family or follow the tradition and get married or even if she decides to spend her life with herself, a time will come when she has to be answerable either to her kids or to her future self, lying in a hospital cot. What she would be telling? She didn’t have the resources, the opportunities or the ability or her bed was really comfortable? None of the excuses at that time could heal her.

She realised that she and only she is answerable on that day. She needs to work now so that she can answer tomorrow.

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